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Miniature Tool Safety • Miniature Tool Techniques

miniature tool guard and safety goggles When using miniature power tools, safety is the most important consideration. Make sure that you or anyone using your miniature power tools is well versed in proper safety measures. While any tool has the potential for danger, when the right safety protocols are put in place, miniature power tools are relatively safe.

To help ensure your safety, follow these tips:

  1. Before using your miniature power tool for the first time, read the instruction booklet. Always follow the tool manufacturer's instructions when using the tool.
  2. Protect your eyes and lungs from the dust and debris generated by miniature power tools by wearing a face mask and wraparound plastic eye protection.
  3. Before changing attachments and accessories, always turn the tool off and disconnect it from its power source. Before plugging the miniature tool back in, double-check to make sure itís still switched off.
  4. Always keep your fingers away from the cutters when using the tool. Be sure to use the guards provided.
  5. Wear leather or other heavy, protective gloves when changing cutters. This will prevent your fingers and hands from being cut by sharp edges.
  6. To prevent slipping while using the tool, hold it tightly and firmly support the work.
  7. Never allow children to use miniature power tools unattended.

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