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If you are interested in carving or engraving, a flexible drive can be attached to your miniature power tool.

A flexible drive is a cable, covered by a flexible sleeve. One end of the cable has a handpiece and a collet, while the other end of the cable attaches to the miniature power tool. When the miniature power tool is turned on, the interior cable rotates, which causes the drill bit or cutter on the end of the collet to rotate as well.

Many engravers choose to use a mini power tool outfitted with a flexible drive for engraving and cutting, because the tool is light and easy to hold, increasing precision and control. Because the flexible drive is similar in size and in shape to a pen or pencil, many people find it easier to use than larger tools.

To increase ease of use and to clear the workspace, a miniature power tool outfitted with a flexible drive can be hung above the work area. The power tool is mounted to a stand, which holds the flexible drive tools vertically with bench clamps. The bench clamp also holds a hook, which the user can hang the miniature power tool from using a wire loop.

flexible drive and accessories
Flexible Drive and Accessory Bits

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